Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams 2022

Built to accelerate your business

Work wonders. Step up from Creative Suite to the 2022 release of Creative Cloud and drive powerful business results across your team. Get the world’s best creative apps and services, and everything else your business needs to efficiently create amazing content and collaborate freely across desktop and mobile.

The best tools. Always up to date.

Only the CC 2022 release of Creative Cloud for teams gives your staff access to the world’s best desktop apps and services, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC. Plus, Creative Cloud extends the power of those apps to mobile devices, so your team can do production-quality work anywhere they are. And with exclusive feature updates at no extra cost, they’ll have everything they need to create amazing work.

Your budget will benefit.

It’s all about affordability, scalability and ease. Enjoy budget predictability and lower up-front costs with an annual membership that gives users access to the world’s best creative apps, plus exclusive feature updates at no additional cost. Licences are always current, so there’s no risk of non-compliance.

Licence management made simple

Easily manage licences. Deploy apps and updates centrally, or let users self-install as needed. Licences are tied to your company, not the individual employee, and can be seamlessly added or reassigned as your organisation grows. Users can download apps immediately, and billing catches up at your next payment cycle.

Help is a phone call away

Get 24/7 advanced tech support (via phone and web), with dedicated reps to help IT deploy smoothly and resolve issues. Plus video tutorials, brand new step-by-step project guides, access to the growing community of 1M Behance creatives and 1:1 consulting sessions for your users to sharpen their creative skills.

Creative Cloud for teams makes business sense.

Keep your team on the same page with the entire collection of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, mobile apps and services – plus access to new features and updates as soon as they’re released. Everyone can work and collaborate more efficiently with the ability to share files, assets and libraries, and capture feedback all in one place. And you can simplify licence management with a simple yet effective Admin Console that lets you and your designated administrators quickly add, assign or transfer seats – all while maximising your IT and procurement budget. Licences are tied to the company, not the individual user, so you can reissue seats as business needs change. For example, get freelancers and contractors up and running immediately, and then reassign their licences when their projects are complete.

Choose the plan that best fits each team member’s needs: the complete plan, which includes all Creative Cloud apps and services, or the single-app plan that offers access to one Creative Cloud app (such as Adobe Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC) and select services.

With the Creative Cloud for teams complete plan, your team members get:

  • Tons of new features. And you’re always up to date. With Creative Cloud for teams, you get the latest features as soon as they’re released. Since CS6 we’ve added incredible innovation in Creative Cloud to improve productivity, make everyday tasks easier, support the latest standards and hardware and help you create even more amazing work.
  • A frictionless workflow between desktop and mobile. Thanks to CreativeSync technology, everything is connected. New Adobe mobile apps for iOS and Android extend the power of your desktop apps to your devices and tightly integrate with them to help your team members be creative anywhere. Securely sync creative files, folders and settings from your desktop, tablet and smartphone. Create and share images, brushes, text styles, colors, and more with Creative Cloud Libraries and access them from anywhere. And keep all your assets – including images from the new Adobe Stock service –at your fingertips.
  • Lower up-front costs. With an annual Creative Cloud for teams membership, you can budget more predictably, lower your up-front costs and leverage volume discounts. Set your own anniversary date to align to your buying cycle and rest assured that your software will always be in compliance.
  • Created for evolving teams. The Admin Console makes it easy for IT to add or reassign seats anytime with just a few clicks. Your team can start using new seats right away and you have 30 days to pay for them, so noncompliance is a non-issue. Deploy apps and updates your way – either handle it centrally or let users install as needed. Users can start downloading and using apps immediately.
  • Secure cloud storage and team collaboration. Get 100GB per user of secure cloud-based storage to collaborate and share files and folders – all accessible from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Maintain version control, stay on top of changes and collaborate more seamlessly.
  • Expert help and training. With access to hundreds of video tutorials plus exclusive phone access to Adobe product experts, creative teams can quickly learn new skills and solve workflow issues. (Each team member gets two Expert Support sessions per year.) Plus IT now has access to advanced 24/7 tech support – including a dedicated phone line for Creative Cloud for teams admins – to help deployments run smoothly.

Top Reasons to Join Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

Access to the world’s best creative apps

  • Industry-leading desktop apps, a new set of mobile apps and innovative services that keep your team’s creative apps, assets and community connected. Plus immediate access to new features and updates as soon as they’re released.
  • The world’s best desktop apps for photography, video, audio, web and design, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Dreamweaver CC and many more.
  • Tools for building and publishing websites, mobile sites, mobile apps and other content for any medium or device. Team members can even create customised portfolios with ProSite, and showcase their work, get feedback and gain global exposure with Behance integration.

Easy management

  • An efficient Admin Console that makes it fast and simple to add or reassign licences. You and your designated administrators can quickly add, assign or transfer seats, and track usage by team members for both plans – complete, single app or a combination of both.
  • The ability to deploy Creative Cloud for teams centrally or allow your users to self-install the software. Get access to the software while your order is being placed and processed. And go a step further with the Creative Cloud Packager to centrally deploy all apps or a customised subset across the organisation.


  • More effective budgeting with predictable costs that can be categorised as operational expenses versus capital expenses. Get the entire collection of Creative Cloud apps or a single app at a fraction of the up-front cost of purchasing perpetual licences. And easily scale as your workload grows.

Easy file sharing and collaboration

  • 100GB of file storage for each team member with the complete plan and 20GB for each team member with the single-app plan. Team members can share just the files they want. Maintain version control, stay on top of changes and collaborate more seamlessly, thanks to CreativeSync technology, which keeps everything connected.

Help when you need it

  • Advanced 24/7 technical support for administrators via a dedicated phone number or web chat to resolve critical issues and keep teams running smoothly.
  • Two one-on-one sessions with an Adobe product support expert per year for team members to solve workflow issues and expand their skill set.
  • Free support for getting started and hundreds of video tutorials.

For more details on Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams 2022, please contact your local Tewkesbury and surrounding areas partner – CKC Technologies Ltd