Microsoft for Education


Microsoft combines the power and manageability of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet, offering a rich set of productivity tools enabling students to develop the collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills that are the foundation of 21st century learning; in concert with the publishing community these tools give educators the resources to create dynamic instruction that allows for anytime, anywhere teaching and learning.

Microsoft supports rich productivity applications like Office and OneNote, offers multitasking, digital ink, and built-in accessibility tools for true personalized learning, protects the privacy of student and teacher data, offers full compatibility with connected devices, and uniquely provides the power and manageability of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet in one device.

More Productive

Combines the power of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet, supporting all types of applications—web, modern, and traditional—to ensure students at any level have the technology they need to be creative, collaborative, and productive.

Microsoft supports the productivity applications and devices my teachers need to deliver dynamic 21st century learning experiences to our students at any age and ability level.

The power and flexibility to drive interactive and engaging learning experiences:

  • Supports all types of applications, the right high-quality applications for effective learning, and offers a range of configurations to meet age appropriate learning targets
  • Compatible with the widest range of connected devices like printers, scanners, cameras Delivers, educational tools, and more through wireless, Bluetooth and USB
  • Students can work online and offline with full application functionality
  • Flash-based simulations, manipulatives, assessments, and videos are supported to meet multiple learning styles
  • Multitasking capability allows students to perform side-by-side tasks
  • Keyboard, Touch, Digital Ink, and Voice input allow students to effectively interact with all applications
  • Accessibility features including Narrator, Magnification, and Translator provides learning experiences that meet personal needs

Microsoft supports the productivity applications and devices teachers need to deliver dynamic 21st century learning experiences to students at any age and ability level.

Customer Quotes

“The Windows 8 Tablet has changed the way I work with my students… I’m able to use shared notebooks, which has cut my grading time by two-thirds, so I have more time to devote to my students during the school day.” Nat Johnston, Middle School Science Teacher, Cincinnati Country Day School

“Microsoft supports our vision of flexible, technology-integrated teaching and learning environments. Our Microsoft partnership facilitates learning environments where students are empowered to work collaboratively, think critically, problem solve, and effectively utilize technologies – critical components of a competitive workforce!” Dr. Agnes M. Slayman, Superintendent, Chester County School District

“We have found Microsoft’s product suite (Office, SharePoint, OneNote, Dev Tools) and the support from programs such as Partners in Learning allows us to build and deploy a flexible platform for our students and faculty to learn, to communicate, to research, and to connect… all important competencies for the 21st Century.  The platform provides the robustness and the flexibility needed for the focus to be on our educational outcomes, not the technology used to deliver them” Kevin Pashuk, Chief Information Officer, Appleby College

“Microsoft PIL and Microsoft products such as PowerPoint, Word, Movie Maker, Live mail, Bing and Excel are very helpful in helping us implement our project base learning methods. Our teachers are able to learn from other teachers across the world on how to deploy project-based learning activities via PIL. Also, our students are able to research effectively and communicate their findings via the above mentioned products.” Obiyemi Obitola, Head of Information Technology, Lekki British School

More Complete

An end-to-end offering that includes price-competitive devices, education applications, embedded professional development, and seamless integration with existing environments

Microsoft offers a complete solution for our district that combines a powerful, flexible and mobile device, the right applications for effective student learning, and the resources to help our teachers deliver high quality instruction.

Combines the tools and applications for teachers and students into a single package that supports a 21st century learning experience:

  • Competitive pricing and a range of device configurations are available through industry partners
  • Skype, OneDrive, and Office Online provides seamless student collaboration and communication
  • The option for Office 365 provides rich client applications students need for creative expression and communication, including PowerPoint, Word, and Lync
  • Includes Microsoft OneNote, the ultimate organization and collaboration tool for education
  • Interactive, self-paced courses for students and teachers include Digital Literacy, Office 365 Web Apps, and Getting Started with Windows 8.1
  • Professional development is included to help educators effectively integrate technology into their curriculum
  • Cloud-based device management service through Windows Intune maintains a more reliable and secure environment

Microsoft maintains a vibrant partner ecosystem to support a broad range of education needs.

Microsoft provides a complete solution that combines a powerful, flexible, and mobile device, the right applications for effective student learning, and the resources to help teachers deliver high quality instruction.

Customer Quotes

“We chose Microsoft as our technology partner because of its range of products – from cloud services to productivity tools, its technology integration, and for its commitment to education through the Partners in Learning Program. Microsoft’s technology gives us various options to work with our students and for us, personalizing students’ experience is what drives our program.” Erika Twani, CEO, Learning 1 to 1 Foundation for Colegio Fontan

“Through Microsoft and PIL we have been able to create exciting and innovative learning environments for our pupils. We want to equip our teachers and schools with the best tools in order to give our pupils 21 century skills.” Sigmund Brenna, ICT supervisor, Fredrikstad Muncipality

Microsoft technologies have been key to supporting our innovation goals and have been used in every level of our technology plan, from a solid administrative infrastructure to 21st century teaching and learning tools in the classroom. No other single vendor has ever been able to come close to providing the range of tools required in a 21st century school.” Ali Shameem, Director of Educational Technology, King’s Academy

“You really can have it all—Windows 8 tablets with touch, ink, and laptop functionality remove all constraints for educators and allow IT departments to manage, maintain, support, upgrade, and scale efficiently and effectively.” Robert J. Baker, Director of Technology, Cincinnati Country Day School

More Manageable

Integrated device management and institution-grade security ensures a safe learning environment through blended and  integrated implementation models, including lab, shared, and one-to-one

Microsoft offers the security, privacy, and manageability to ensure we maintain a safe and productive learning environment. Microsoft is the solution I trust.

Provides the foundation for a consistent, controlled, and protected environment:

  • Windows enables centrally managed setup, upgrades, and updates
  • Remote IT support allows learning to continue while technical issues are being resolved
  • Multiple user profiles allow students to securely share the same device
  • Built on Microsoft’s commitment to protect student’s privacy and never mine data for commercial purposes

Includes Windows Intune to enable cloud-based device management:

  • Install student applications consistently across all devices
  • Remote wipe protects sensitive data if student devices are lost or stolen
  • Integrated security and compliance management prevents installation of unintended programs and malware
  • Simple subscription enables quick set-up and deployment with with the first year free.

Microsoft offers the security, privacy, and manageability to maintain a safe, productive, and trusted learning environment.

Customer Quotes

“Last year, Malakoff decided to deploy digital backpacks for middle school students. The students benefit from a global solution, including Windows 8 machines, and content including pedagogical apps and digital textbooks in partnerships with major French publishers. The solution is managed via Intune.” Alain Bossard, Director, College Notre Dame de Malakoff

“Office365 provided us additional benefits such as privacy. It was a definitive factor for us. Microsoft has a privacy center where it can offer us privacy for our information and legal documents. With this support we feel comfortable.” Patricia Castillo, CIO;Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados del IPN

Bing for Schools offers teachers the freedom to empower students through a 21st century learning environment. This educational search engine adds an extra layer of security and provides safe search options for our students in an ad-free learning space.”  Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Director of Instructional Technology, Atlanta Public Schools

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