Other Education and Small Business Solutions

CKC Technologies can offer advice and purchasing decisions on the latest LMS’s, LRS’s, Content, and other education related solutions.

CKC Technologies can also help in advising small businesses the best solutions to keep you business running smoothly, from Office 365, to smaller daily workflow applications.

Learning Management Systems

From Moodle, to EdX, CKC Technologies know LMS’s, and which ones are the best fit for your institution.

Learning Record Store

Flipick has been implementing LRS’s for many clients, and we know which one would best fit your institute. ┬áJust ask for more details.


Whatever content you need, CKC Technologies can point you in the right direction. From rebuild PPT, to custom designed HTML5 content, CKC Technologies can help you.

Small Businesses

From your daily workhorse of Office 365, to smaller applications and services, CKC Technologies can help you choose the right solution and products, to help achieve your business potential.