CKC Technologies Ltd is formed

CKC Technologies Ltd Announces New Software Sales and Support Effort

CKC Technologies Ltd has officially been formed as a limited company after an opening was seen in the local market for an education and small business specialist company.

“There are so many small businesses in the Tewkesbury area, and more are coming into the area due to the great community Tewkesbury has to offer,” said CKC Technologies Ltd Managing Director, Glenn Bailey.  “The businesses in Tewkesbury and its surrounding area need companies like CKC Technologies Ltd to help and support them in implementing new Cloud based solutions which are becoming more and more common.”

CKC Technologies will officially open on April 4th 2016, ” But we have had a lot of interest in local companies coming to see what we do, and to see if we can fix their current technical issues,” said CKC Technologies Ltd Director, Julie Franklin. “We already have a long list of clients we will be touching base with after the initial launch in April.”

CKC Technologies Ltd will be based in Northway, Tewkesbury, and is looking forward to helping local companies.